Saturday, January 12, 2013

Add Pizzazz With Candle Holders

If you live in a temporary home (apt, dorm, rented home) then you are probably cautious about the way you decorate your home. I live in an apartment myself, I'm constantly tempted by permanent features to incorporate into my home but know it isn't my "forever" home. However, you don't have to make permanent changes to update your temporary home.

I'm a big fan of wall stickers. Not only do they add a ton of personality to any room, they are unique and super easy to install. Unlike nail holes, they don't damage your walls plus they are super cheap! Who can say not to that? 
Kitchen Wall Stickers
super cute wall stickers for the kitchen
Another money busting home update is adding small accessories such as wall hangings or candle holders. You wouldn't believe how much pizzazz they add. Bold colors and blinging embellishment gives your temporary home comfort and personality. What trends are you into right now?

                                    Set of Four Ceramic Candle Holders

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