Saturday, January 12, 2013

Add Pizzazz With Candle Holders

If you live in a temporary home (apt, dorm, rented home) then you are probably cautious about the way you decorate your home. I live in an apartment myself, I'm constantly tempted by permanent features to incorporate into my home but know it isn't my "forever" home. However, you don't have to make permanent changes to update your temporary home.

I'm a big fan of wall stickers. Not only do they add a ton of personality to any room, they are unique and super easy to install. Unlike nail holes, they don't damage your walls plus they are super cheap! Who can say not to that? 
Kitchen Wall Stickers
super cute wall stickers for the kitchen
Another money busting home update is adding small accessories such as wall hangings or candle holders. You wouldn't believe how much pizzazz they add. Bold colors and blinging embellishment gives your temporary home comfort and personality. What trends are you into right now?

                                    Set of Four Ceramic Candle Holders

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cheap Sports Bras!

Who doesn't love neon colored sports bras? I know I do! If I am going to take the time to work out, I want to look cute while doing it (haha). But seriously  Am I the only girl that thinks this way? Don't get me wrong I'm not one of those girls that look perfect and never sweat at the gym. I'm the girl busting her a** sweating in order to gain that tight body but I do love my cute work out clothes.

I was looking at Target online, of course, and saw these C9 sports bras, all styles and colors, on sale for only $12.00 each! I love this bargain deal and plan on stocking up. I love the thick strapped bras for working out in and the skinnier strap bras for nightly and weekend wear. Here is my do you decide what color you will get?!
C9 Premium seamless cami or racerback bra

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

mint green dress, renovated MOA, and ornate engagement rings

This past weekend my bestie and I "went to lunch" and ended up at the Mall of America. (oops) If you haven't been to the Mall of America before you should really make the trip. I have the luxury of making continuous visits because I live in MN, but if your out of state the traveling is worth it! If you love Forever 21, like I do, you should really make the trip. The Mall of America Forever 21 is the best I have seen. They have just remodeled it into two levels and about tripled the size. I could spend hours in there and still not see everything.

What I love about Forever 21 is how cheap it is. Yes, some things are poor quality but I have had pretty good luck there quality wise, but I'm pretty easy on my clothing. I bought 2 chunky sweaters, 2 "flowy tops" and a mint green body hugging dress. I fell in love the minute I saw it and knew I just had to have it. 
here is the dress!
Heres the thing about the mint green dress, I have no where to wear it! Does that happen to you? I find a piece of clothing I have to have and then end up wearing it once or not at all. But, I knew in two weeks my boyfriend and I are going on a little getaway. I'm super excited because I feel like he may propose to me, eeeek! We have been pretty serious and have looked at ornate engagement rings together. I have showed him what I like and he has been acting kind of weird lately. I have a feeling it's coming soon so I want to look good when it happens in my mint green dress (hehehe).
this is the ring we have looked @ together

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheap Storage Solution

I almost forget myself that I'm still a college student and am always on a tight budget. I literally don't have the money, nor would I want to, go buy everything (where is the fun in that?) I found myself wondering around Hobby Lobby (shocker) when I found these baskets, another obsession of mine we will get into another day, and just had to have them. I decided on using them for my winter accessory storage but still didn't exactly have in mind what I would do. I wanted to get cute hooks to hang them on but I don't have a screw gun so that was out of the cards. Instead I bought 5lb 3M hooks in a silver finish. I have a small section of a wall right next to the front door that was the perfect fit for these baskets. I was a little skeptical about the 3M hooks holding up but they have done the job. It is now about 2 months later and they are still hanging just as perfect as the day I put them there. This really is a nice storage solution if you don't have much space and it's nice to look at.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cut the Gym Out of Your Budget

Going along with my healthy habit theme I decided to share some awesome work out videos. Like most of the population, I have decided to start working out in the new year. My goal was to get a gym membership because I knew that if I was forced to pay a monthly fee that I would make it a habit to go in and utilize the membership. However, after doing some research I realized just how expensive those memberships really are! I mean I'm not the type to go workout every single day, because then it would be worth the money. I decided I have self motivation to get the workouts in at home I just need proper instruction and a fitness plan.

Instead of paying $40-100 for a monthly gym membership I decided to opt out for intense at home work out sessions. I discovered these 10-12 minute videos that burn calories and blast up my heart rate. Who needs a gym when you can get the job done in the comfort of your own home? These 10-12 minute videos are very intense and made me super sore! I have only been doing them for about a week and have noticed I have a higher tolerance for the workouts. I shared my favorite one with you, and boy does it make your abs sore!